Waldorf Iridium Textures


Forward thinking Textures, Pads and Soundscapes with some classics thrown in for good measure.

58 Patches





This sound set contains mostly pads and textures but also some keys, bass and lead sounds. Perfect for adding emotional depth with a sophisticated touch.

58 Patches in Total

Preset run through


Example track using sounds from the pack, just the pads in this example (with additional sound design and production)


Example track using sounds from the pack (with additional sound design and production)


Please note most of these will run on the Quantumn, however there are a couple of patches spread across two layers and to my knowlege the Quantumn doesn’t support this. 

To install, unzip the folder and load it onto a USB or SD Card, with the synth switched on click Load then click Actions, from here navigate to the folder titled Richard Smithson Waldorf Iridium Textures. Click on it, then click import. Be sure not to overwrite your existing presets.


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