Under the Market Roof

Working with past collaborator Liz Stevenson and her company Junction 8 Theatre, I was asked to work on ‘Under the Market Roof’, a new play by Becky Preswitch set in my hometown of Chorley! I was thrilled to have come full circle and work in the place where I grew up and shaped who I am today. The team had an R&D phase in 2016 where they interviewed market traders about market life, informing and bringing to life characters in the story. The play was about a daughter , Lisa, whose Grandad dies, she struggles with the decision to take over his market stall (which she does in the end!). We visit different memories in her life when her grandad was alive until the end where she takes the stall on and we see her Grandad disappear as a memory. At this point a community ensemble came on as market traders through the years, flogging items, as Lisa watches in awe, overwhelmed with memories of her grandad and life on the market.

You can hear the finale track below


Project details

Composer and Sound Designer

Richard Smithson

Director / Company

Liz Stevenson, Junction 8 Theatre Company

Project date

October 2017

Project location

Chorley, Lancashire.

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