Eyes On Me: Sound


SOUND is the first film in our #EyesOnMe series. Eyes On Me is Hawk Dance Theatre’s latest project; an artistic exploration considering how we interact online.
Through a collaboration of dance and poetry, of movement and spoken word, we imagined the five senses in an online realm.
Sound becomes Noise. The copious distractions we have when we are using our phones. A notification, a message thread, a new post. The timeline of a conversation is constantly disjointed, overwhelming at times, and takes much longer than face to face. Do we ever truly hear each other if we’re reading and not listening? We explore this through a mundane conversation most people are likely to have experienced. A group chat to make plans, but the plans rarely actually happen.

Project details

Director / Choreography

Josh Hawkins

Composer and Sound Designer

Richard Smithson

Film and Edit

Howl Creative

Project location

Manchester, England.

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