After the Floods

After the Floods was a production by Alternative Outcomes, a Dukes Creative Learning group for adults with experience of street homelessness. The piece was an idea generated by those in the group who experienced the floods in December 2015. Johnny Randall, the director of the show chose a format which relied on audio recordings of the groups stories, this supported the transient life circumstances of those who, at times, were unable to commit. This meant that we could use a rotating lineup of performers if anyone was unable to make a performance date, using easy to learn movements to support the stories and music. The stories from each member, five in total, were treated as individual sound worlds, meaning we glimpsed into the reality of their lives, each having it’s own depth of emotion and atmosphere. With this idea I used processed field recordings and live and electronic instrumentation to create potent atmosphere, moving with the cadence of their voices; thinking of each voice as an instrument with it’s own unique character helped to write the music, furthering the idea that each story should have it’s own identity. Between each story we used recordings from local radio station The Bay, this helped glue the narrative together, as many of the stories paralleled past life experiences to the floods. The show had a set designed by Louie Whitmore using rubble and torn down signs to demonstrate the destruction the floods caused.


Here are some examples from the show




Project details

Composer and Sound Designer

Richard Smithson


Johnny Randall

Project date

December 2016

Project location

Lancaster, Lancashire

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